About Us

Mooji Foundation Ltd is a UK charity created to facilitate and support the worldwide sharing of Satsang with Mooji, a spiritual teacher whose presence and teachings in the non-dual Advaita Vedanta tradition bring many followers into the profound and direct experience of one’s true nature.

Mooji Foundation originated as a group of volunteers and was eventually incorporated in November 2009 as a not-for-profit, and then granted charitable status by the Charity Commission of England and Wales in September 2011. Mooji Foundation works in collaboration with Mooji Media Ltd and Associação Mooji Sangha (based in Portugal). This collaboration greatly facilitates the furthering of our objectives.

The Charity is involved in activities such as:

  • Collaborating with Mooji Media Ltd and Associação Mooji Sangha to offer Mooji’s powerful teachings through various freemedia channels including Mooji TV, YouTube and social media.
  • Working in liaison with Associação Mooji Sangha to support the development of Monte Sahaja—Centre for Self-Realisation in Portugal. The Centre is a place where many visitors can be immersed in the environment of Satsang and inner contemplation. Associação Mooji Sangha also undertakes many activities to facilitate the sharing and availability of Satsang around the world.
  • Facilitating, through our trading subsidiary, Mooji Media Ltd, to share Mooji’s teachings through audio and video material, books, music and related products.
  • Providing translation of Satsang through different media, such as videos and books, to support and allow greater accessibility for many around the world whose native language is not English.
  • Working with a world-wide community of volunteers to support different aspects of our work such as translations, subtitling, transcribing, design, photography and international sangha, to share Mooji’s teachings.
  • Providing concessions and grants to support individuals to participate in Satsang events, to access Sahaja Express subscription service, or to visit or stay at Monte Sahaja to be immersed in the teachings and deepen in Self-inquiry.
  • Support the growing international community through the International Sangha team. Followers around the world join in sangha groups to meet with others on the same spiritual path and to grow in depth and insight in Satsang. The International Sangha team supports these groups by sharing Satsang material, facilitating the One Sangha Gathering Event and joining many of these group gatherings online.

We are dedicated to giving support to those who have been touched through Satsang with Mooji in whatever way is needed. We are always discovering new ways in which Satsang may be enjoyed or through which fulfillment may come to all those whose aspiration is for lasting truth.

– Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti –