About Mooji Media Ltd

Mooji Media is the UK trading subsidiary of Mooji Foundation that holds and manages the copyrights for Satsang with Mooji, such as video and audio recordings, photographs, music, books and other written materials.

Mooji Media’s main activities are:

  • Sharing Mooji’s teachings through audio and video material, in collaboration with Associação Mooji Sangha, through free channels such Mooji TV, YouTube and social media. Satsang is also made available on YouTube in 22 languages through subtitles and dubbing. 
  • Publishing Mooji’s books in English under the imprint Mooji Media Publications, and collaborating with other English language publishers in the US, UK, Australia and around the world. Mooji Media also collaborates with numerous publishers to make translations of Mooji’s books available in 22 languages worldwide.
  • Releasing the music arising from the heart of Satsang under the name Mooji Mala Music on a wide range of music channels worldwide. Channels include Mooji Mala YouTube, Mooji Mala Instagram, Mooji Mala Spotify and others such as iTunes and Apple Music.